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Figure 7

Transverse momentum dependence of \p/$\phi$~=~(p + \pbar)/$\phi$, \kpi~=~(\kap + \kam)/(\pip + \pim), \ppi~=~(p + \pbar)/(\pip +\pim) and \lmb/\kzero\ (from top to bottom row) yield ratios in pp (left), p-Pb (middle), Pb-Pb (right) collisions for high- and low-multiplicity classes, respectively. Cancellation of common systematic uncertainties in the numerator and denominator was carried out only for the \lmb/\kzero, as in other cases the cancellation is non-trivial because of the use of various combined identification techniques or, in the case of resonances, of significantly different analysis strategy. Reference p-Pb and Pb-Pb data from .
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